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Chemical Guys TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher

Chemical Guys TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher
Chemical Guys TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher Alternative View Chemical Guys TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher Alternative View #2 Chemical Guys TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher Alternative View #3
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Product Information

  • Remove imperfections quickly with the a 8mm throw!
  • 680 watt motor with a 2800 - 7800 RPM range
  • Can be used with 3", 5", and 6" backing plates
  • Apply waxes, polishes, sealants, etc.
  • Product Code: BUF503
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Customer Reviews

33% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 3 ratings

Product Description

The TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher is a polisher that can do it all! From polishing, applying waxes, applying sealants, using 3", 5" or 6" backing plates you will be able to apply almost any product with any pad size with ease. The powerful 680 watt motor with an 2800 - 7800 RPM range make quick work of swirls, scratches, RIDS, oxidation and other imperfections. The 8mm throw is just enough to cover a large amount of surface area, cutting down on polishing time, but yet small enough to help you get into some tough to reach areas safely and easily. TORQ X features a speed control dial in the middle of the body. This is generally right above the users thumb during operation, allowing for a comfortable fit and placement for easy speed switching during operation. Cooling vents channel air through the handle to cool the motor, buffing head, and counterweight for extended lifespan and safety for your entire unit. The power switch is at the back end or bottom of the machine, so it is out of the way. It is however easily reached if you need to shut down the machine on the fly. The TORQ Precision Power features a start up function, which mans that the speed will power up smoothly upon start up of the machine. Not only is this a safe feature, but it reduces wear on the unit and parts inside the unit to help extend the life of your TORQ X! If you are looking to pick up a versatile polisher that is small and compact, yet powerful enough to tackle any job, the TORQ X Random Orbital Polisher is a great choice!


Unboxing The TORQX Dual Action Polisher - Chemical Guys Car Detailing

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I have both the TorqX and the Fx10, but after trying both I prefer the smaller X. The on/off placement helps so I don't bump it and so easy to just switch it on and go. The power dial is at your thumb, plus it clicks, makes one handing a breeze.This is a sleek, compact machine that I use as a dedicated 3", 2" tight space polisher. Great for wax she just fits everywhere, with that pointed rubber front. No need to upgrade this one, the TorqX will remain one of my more trusted compounding/ polishing tools for a long time.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
Works ok as a starter polisher due to its entry level price. It can correct paint but after purchasing the Griots Garage Dual Action polisher, this feels like a toy. The Griots is much more powerful and corrects paint much faster. If you're looking for one machine to do it all, get the Griots Garage 6inch polisher and as a second machine, the Griots 3 inch is cheap and works well for the smaller sections.

Again, nothing wrong with this machine, just lacks the power to do any serious paint correction. I also find that since it doesn't have much power, it's fairly easy to stop the machine from rotating if you don't have a good technique and move the machine with the contours of the vehicle. I've put about 80 hours of work on my machine and it still works great.

In summary,

Pros: Smooth machine, low vibration, low cost, good backing plate size, comfortable due to its light weight.
Cons: Lacks power, stops rotating easily if you don't have a good technique, close in price to the Griots unit.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
The switch placement I found to be very awkward. Upgraded to Torq 10FX and am very happy. Due to range of motion issues with fingers (gout), and small hands I found switch placement on the back of the machine to require me to take one hand off the machine to find and turn off the switch. After spending time polishing I don't want to chance marring finish while holding the machine with one hand while fumbling for the switch with the other. If you have large hands maybe this won't be an issue. Someone once said "spending more money for a better tool makes you wince once, putting up with an inferior tool will make you wince every time you use it". I'm very happy to have upgraded to the 10FX, much more comfortable handle allowing better control, and switch placement and speed controls are right at your thumb.

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