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Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit

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Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit
Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit Alternative View Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit Alternative View #2 Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit Alternative View #3
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Product Information

  • Safe, quick, and efficient imperfection removal
  • Battery powered for maneuverability and convenience
  • Kit contains various pads, polishes, batteries and charger
  • 15mm throw
  • Product Code: HLR15/CB2/BAS
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 3 ratings

Product Description

The Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit is a powerful battery powered polisher designed for extremely safe and easy imperfection removal! This compact, yet high-powered tool seamlessly combines the power you want with the freedom and maneuverability of Rupes iBrid battery units. Rupes did not simply add a battery to their existing units, they hit the drawing board and built this tool completely from the ground up. The iBrid HLR units boast a more compact form, simplifying handling and maneuverability during operation. The improved design also places a strong emphasis on vibration reduction, delivering a smoother and more comfortable experience that ensures precision and control throughout any polishing step. A new anti-spinning ring helps reduce friction and heat while polishing and the in-runner brushless motor allows for superior ventilation and maximum power output at 350W. Advanced Li-ion technology is packed into 10 cell 18v (5 Ah capacity) batteries, which provide users with about 40 minutes of continuous power. Continuous is key here as these batteries have shown to offer minimal power loss from beginning to end of battery life during use (5160 opm during the entire battery life cycle). A complete charge takes 50 minutes and you can charge one battery while polishing with another, or both at the same time with the dual battery charger. Keeping tabs on your battery is also easy with the LED indicator down the side of the unit. This light strip communicates with the user with a slow blinking pattern to signal low battery levels. When you see this, you know it is time to swap out batteries soon. The light will also flash if the polisher is put under a very heavy load that restricts optimal usage. Rupes emphasizes that this shouldn't happen under normal usage but just in case a user goes overboard with pressure it's a great tool to assist you. As always Rupes builds tools to be part of their system so you'll get amazing results when you combine their polisher, pads and polishes together. Rupes released the HLR15 and HLR21 first in kits, which come with everything you need to run this polisher. That means you'll receive the new backing plate, pads, polishes, rechargeable batteries and a dual battery charger (see details below). This option is great as you have everything needed to pick up the unit and tackle any polishing job right away. Experience quality and innovation with the Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Kit!

BigFoot iBrid HLR Options:

Technical Data:
  • Backing Pads: 125 - 5"
  • Orbit: 15 - 19/32"
  • Volt DC: 18V
  • Battery life time: 30 40 min
  • Charging time: 50 - 55 min
  • R.P.M.: 3000 - 5200
  • Weight (without battery): 3.8 pounds
  • Speed Control
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Electronic Switch
  • LED Indicator

Kit Contains:
  • 1x Bigfoot iBrid HLR15 Tool
  • 2x DA Intermediate Foam Pads
  • 2x DA Fine Foam Pads
  • 2x Coarse Wool Pads
  • 2x Fine Wool Pads
  • 1x DA Coarse Polishing Compound
  • 1x DA Fine Polishing Compound
  • 2x Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x Dual Battery Charger


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Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I've been waiting for this 15 for quite some time and man is it great. My recent go-to polisher has been the Milwaukee M18 and that is what I am mostly comparing it to. First off, the Rupes just feels so much lighter and balanced than the Milwaukee. It feels very familiar to the previous Rupes 15 polishers, but having no cord is definitely nice. I definitely love the lack of ‘wobble' that I experienced from the Milwaukee as this is so smooth and easy to handle. I could easily maneuver the Rupes around and it didn't feel heavy like the Milwaukee. Also, the sound is noticeably quieter which is definitely nice. I tried several pads from the Rupes yellow, the new blue intermediate and also the Yellow wool pads. All were great but did notice the foam pads were a little easier to move around vs the wool pad. One minor drawback is you do have to take into account the position of the battery when you are on certain panels since the backing plate has a lower profile than previous Rupes polishers. There were a couple of times I bumped the battery on a panel, but it's rubberized so no issue with any marks, etc, I bought the package with the polisher, pads, polish, batteries and charger and definitely recommend this kit as it is well put together. All in all, this is by far the best cordless polisher on the market today and I absolutely love this thing!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great polisher! I've been using the Milwaukee m18 polisher & even though it's great it's heavy to me after a long day. This Rupes just clicks all the right buttons for me weight being a major issue & runs super smooth. Great product.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
The Rupes 15mm cordless polisher exceeded my expectations. The lightness and balance is better than expected. When the 21 is available (tool only) I will order it immediately! Very happy with it!

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