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Flex PXE 80 12-EC/2.5 Cordless Polisher Set

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Flex PXE 80 12-EC/2.5 Cordless Polisher Set
Flex PXE 80 12-EC/2.5 Cordless Polisher Set Alternative View
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Product Information

  • Compact, yet powerful polisher great for correcting tight areas
  • Can polish in rotary, 3mm, or 12mm actions
  • Works via 12v battery packs
  • Two options (Bare tool or all-inclusive kit)
  • Works great with 1"-3" size pads
  • Product Code: 493.503
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Customer Reviews

80% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 5 ratings

Product Description

The Flex PXE 80 12-EC is a small, handheld polisher that helps you reach tight areas with ease! When detailing, tight areas, contours, and crevices in some vehicles can make removing imperfections extremely tough. Most polishers are larger in size, have large throws and orbits, and use larger backing plates and pads. All of these features cover a great deal of surface area and help the user remove swirls, scratches and more in less time. What happens though when you need to get into those hard to reach areas? With the PXE 80 12-EC you have an incredibly well-made polisher at a compact size that gets in those tight spaces. Polishing those tough to reach areas can often be the difference between an elite detailer and a good detailer. This unit allows you to switch from rotary, 3mm throw to a 12mm throw, while utilizing a battery. That's right, no cord to work around or trip over! This unit is completely cordless and must be paired with a battery for use. The accelerator trigger switch starts slow and locks for continuous working speed, while the brushless motor allows for longer work time and longer service life. PXE 80 12-EC comes in two great options (also listed below). The first is the Flex PXE 80 12-EC/2.5 Set, which comes with everything you need to run this polisher. That means backing plates, some pads, three orbit adapters (rotary, 3mm & 12mm), 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger. This option is the best if you are looking to use the unit right out of the box. If you already have this kit and are just looking to have another tool on hand, the Flex PXE 80 12-EC Bare Tool Only is an option. The "Bare Tool Only" version and does not contain batteries, backing plates, orbit units, etc. Both options work great with 1"-3" polishing pads. If you are looking to remove imperfections in tight areas easier than before, pick up the Flex PXE 80 12-EC today!

Note: While this unit has three orbit adapters (rotary, 3mm & 12mm), the rotary motion can only used with the 1" backing plate. The dual action motions (3mm & 12mm) can be used with both the 1" and 3" backing plates.

  • Stroke - 3mm and 12mm
  • No load speed 400-2,000 / 3,000 / 4,000 / 5,800 rpm
  • Stroke rate at no-load 800-4,000 / 6,000 / 8,000 / 11,600 rpm
  • Battery voltage - 12v
  • Battery capacity - 2.5 / 4.0 / 6.0 Ah
  • Weight (without battery) - 1.5 lbs
  • Brushless motor
  • 4 speed settings
  • Accelerator trigger switch with lock
  • Bumper ring for safe handling

Flex PXE 80 12-EC - 2.5 Set - Includes:
  • 1 PXE 80 12-EC
  • 1 adapter, rotary DT-P
  • 1 adapter, orbital 3mm stroke DT-XF 3
  • 1 adapter, orbital 12mm stroke DT-XF 12
  • 1 hook and loop pad 1" BP-M D30 PXE
  • 1 adhesive pad 1" BP-M/SR D30 PXE
  • 1 hook and loop pad 3" BP-M D75 PXE
  • 2 rechargeable batteries - 2.5 Ah AP 12/2.5
  • 1 charger CA 12/18.0

Flex PXE 80 12-EC - Bare Tool Only - Includes:
  • Bare polisher only, meaning no backing plates, pads, adapters, battery or battery charger.

Professional Detailer Reviews

For many detailers, a DA is simply a beautiful thing. But if you're an experienced rotary user, you likely love the preciseness that a rotary offers beyond a DA/RO machine. If you're tied to your plug-in rotary, this video is not about replacing your fanny-kicking swirl-demolishing rotary with a cordless, battery-powered, and tiny form factor machine. This is all about how the FLEX PXE 80 compliments your plug-in rotary. After all, if you can improve your efficiency and make correction projects that much safer, why wouldn't you??

- How the FLEX PXE 80's Rotary Abilities Compliment a Full-Size Rotary Machine by Jean-Claude Corcoran

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
It is an excellent polisher, light, compact and powerful. Very versatile. Need some extra accessories like pad extensions
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
PXE80 buffer kit. Very nice%u2014best price ever After Christmas sale-quick delivery
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Excellent polisher for any area you can't get a larger pad in. The cordless system is fantastic as it increases mobility and decreases stress caused by a cord. A must have also for polishing interior glossy surfaces with the smaller disc. Highly recommended.

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