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Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad - 1"

Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad - 1"
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Available Sizes

Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad
Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad
Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad
Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad

Product Information

  • Remove severe imperfections quickly and safely
  • Enhance gloss and clarity of your paint
  • Made with ultra-firm euro foam
  • Works great on the Griot's Garage THE BOSS with BOSS polishes
  • Griot's BOSS Pads no longer come in 2-packs, instead they are shipped as single pads.
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 6 ratings

Product Description

The Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads will help you remove severe paint imperfections with ease. The most aggressive BOSS foam pad features euro foam, which is ultra-firm for excellent correcting power. Griot's recommends using this pad with the BOSS Fast Correcting Cream and working section by section. Light scratches, swirls, and other noticeable imperfections will be removed fast and easy, resulting in a high quality clear finish. The low hazing formula may look great on some paint types, but we highly recommend using a lighter cutting BOSS pad and polish combo for the best results. All of the BOSS Foam Pads feature an 8mm thick (5/16"), low profile design that touts a low center of gravity while very light weight. This high quality design allows for maximum tool stability and pad control for smoother operation and better polishing results in less time. You will also notice a small hole in the center of these pads. This intercooling hole is designed to help the pad resist heat buildup, in turn extending the life of your pad. BOSS pads are available in both 5.5" and 6.5" sizes. The 5.5" pads offer improved control, access to tighter areas, and faster pad rotation for increased defect removal. The 6.5" pads help deliver increased safety, controlled pad rotation, and more coverage per pass. Check out the complete list of the great features that the BOSS pads possess below:

8mm Thickness
  • Reduces pad weight for smooth operation
  • Limited liquid capacity, ensuring smooth operation

Chamfered Edge
  • Maximizes pad face for improved productivity
  • Establishes distance between backing plate and surface for improved safety

Center Intercooling Hole
  • The Intercooling Hole manage heat buildup to ensure optimal pad temperature and to extend pad life

Reticulated Open-Cell Foam
  • Ensures optimal pad temperature for longer life
  • Improved tear resistance for extended life

Premium Loop
  • Easy application and removal from backing plate for increased durability

Thermo-Set Bond
  • BOSS Pads utilize a Thermo-Set Bond, which is a 2-part component which permanently bonds pad components together, making them impervious to heat and chemicals
  • Machine washable

  • BOSS pads are color coded to BOSS polishes to eliminate guess work

Griot's Garage BOSS Polishing System Polishes:

Griot's Garage BOSS Polishing System Pads:
  • BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads - Aggressive pad, best when paired with Fast Corrective Cream for removal of severe paint defects
  • BOSS Correcting Foam Pads - Less aggressive than the Fast Correcting Foam Pad, best when paired with the Correcting Cream for removal of moderate paint defects
  • BOSS Perfecting Foam Pads - Multi-purpose pad that pairs well with the Perfecting Cream for refining and enhancing gloss
  • BOSS Finishing Foam Pads - Finishing pad that pairs well with the Perfecting Cream or Finishing Sealant for optimal depth and clarity
  • BOSS Micro Fiber Fast Cutting Pads - Best used with the Fast Correcting Cream or the Correcting Cream for rapid removal of moderate to severe paint defects
  • BOSS Micro Fiber Pads - Best used with the Perfecting Cream or Finishing Cream to remove light imperfections with ease.
  • BOSS Innerflex Pad - Reduces the aggressiveness of the pad you use it with while adding a cushioning effect that helps the pad conform to body panel contours

Other Griot's Garage BOSS Items
  • THE BOSS - Incredible polishers with large throws to make quick work of imperfections! Pair up great with the BOSS Pads and Polishes
  • BOSS Backing Plates - The perfect replacement backing plate for THE BOSS

Professional Detailer Reviews

When it comes to heavy cutting I tend to prefer MF pads, but these offer a cut that is very close to MF and leave a better finish.
Product Review: Griot's Garage BOSS Pads and Polishing Creams


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Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works great with Griots fast correcting cream.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
It was great to use on my Porter Cable polisher for restoring my headlight lens on 2002 BMW 525i. After initial hand wet sanding with 600 & 1500 grit, I finished it off with the 3" backing plate and Griot's garage 3" Boss fast correcting foam pad on my PC and only took about 10 minutes per lens to bring them back to new with Meguiar's PlastX. It's the right tool for the job.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
These are TOUGH pads. You will absolutely get micro-marring from these just FYI. I haven't thrown anything at them that they couldn't handle. Very happy with my purchase, but dusting will be an issue with these pads.

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