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Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad - 6.5"

Best Seller Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad - 6.5"
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Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad
Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad
Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad

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Product Description

The Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad will make quick work of your moderate to heavy imperfections! Pair this pad with your favorite polish and watch as the high quality urethane foam construction removes swirls, oxidation, water spots, RIDS, etc. with ease. For best results we recommend following up this polishing step with the CCS White Polishing Pad and your favorite finishing polish. This combo will help you remove lots of imperfections to improve clarity and give you that glossy look we all strive for! But that is not it, this pad features CCS Technology, which takes its performance up a notch.

Traditional foam pads can absorb polish too quickly, reducing performance because the polish is trapped below the face of the pad. The CCS Technology solves this problem with partially closed foam cells, or dimples on the face of the pad. These pockets capture and gradually release polish as needed during the polishing process. This feature tends to reduce surface tension, pad skipping, and heat generation with less surface area on the face of the pad being in contact with the painted surface. Less surface area means less friction, which in turn increases polishing performance! All Lake Country CCS Pads are made from the same exact foam as the flat versions, which means no confusion on which color will perform which polishing job.

The 3" CCS pads have a diameter of 3.25", making them the perfect size for 3" backing plates!

The Lake Country Orange pad is also comes in a flat version (no CCS dimples) as well. If desired, you can purchase the flat version in 3", 4", 5.5" and 6.5" sizes.

All of our CCS pads are .875" (7/8") Thick.

If you have pesky medium to heavy imperfections that need removal, pick up the Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad now!

Lake Country CCS Pads (Least to Most Aggressive):

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Love this pad!!! Lake Country never cease to amaze me. I love using Lake Country foam pads
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works great paired with cut-it or finish-it from HiLustre! Highly recommend this pad & style of lake country pad for any of your light correcting needs.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Hands down one of the most versatile pads you will ever use. We trust this pad and the HDO pad for the heavy lifting at status detail. Often used on exotic cars over $500,000 i trust it to get the job done and not over correct and remove to much paint. Works very well with porsche paint with yellow rupes polish and bmw audi paint repond well with green rupes polish. If you need to bump the pad cut id recommend the HDO line over ccs for heavy cut and microfiber for hardcore cutting. The ccs will get you to perfection as a refinement pad after you finish compound cutting. Its the only pad necessary on medium and low cutting jobs. Match it with the right polish and compounds and you have a very versatile pad.

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