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Lake Country SDO Blue Heavy Polishing Pad w/CCS - 3.5"

Best Seller Lake Country SDO Blue Heavy Polishing Pad w/CCS - 3.5"
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Lake Country SDO Blue Heavy Polishing Pad w/CCS
Lake Country SDO Blue Heavy Polishing Pad w/CCS
Lake Country SDO Blue Heavy Polishing Pad w/CCS

Product Information

  • SDO Foam with CCS Technology!
  • Safely remove heavy imperfections, scratches, etc.
  • CCS technology reduces pad friction and heat buildup when polishing
  • Single layer construction runs cooler than traditional pads
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The Lake Country SDO Blue Heavy Polishing Pad w/CCS allow you to utilize CCS technology while removing heavy imperfections safely and easily! Pair it with your favorite compound or polish and remove medium to heavy imperfections like very fine scratches, swirls, RIDS and more. The SDO line of pads are similar to the HDO pads, but without the dual layer construction. HDO pads have a strong, dense foam packing that the regular corrective foam is mounted to but at a much lower price point. Lake Country removed that denser backing making them thinner and more versatile in terms of polisher usage. This high-quality foam is beveled at a 70-degree angle, which helps keep the pad flat on the surface and avoid rolling. This reduced movement helps reduce heat that can cause hazing and micro-marring while polishing. On top of the reduced movement, the open cell cooling chamber in the center of the pad keeps the pad running at cooler temps, increasing durability and polishing results. The backing of these pads will also withstand the large throw of the Rupes, Griot's Boss and other high powered large throw machines, along with regular dual action units. On top of all these features, the unique foam formulation and CCS technology provide some unique advantages over traditional pads.

Traditional foam pads can absorb polish too quickly, reducing performance because the polish is trapped below the face of the pad. The CCS Technology solves this problem with partially closed foam cells or dimples on the face of the pad. These pockets capture and gradually release polish as needed during the polishing process. This feature tends to reduce surface tension, pad skipping, and heat generation with less surface area on the face of the pad being in contact with the painted surface. Less surface area means less friction, which in turn increases polishing performance!

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Customer Reviews

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One of my favorite pads - seems to rotate better than regular flat pads, doesn't seem to get over soaked with product and has a good balance of cut & finish. A good combo with this pad is the Jescar medium cut polish for removing all superficial swirls on hard clear. A great set up as far as pads would be the black, orange and blue SDO CCS pads along with the HDO one step light cutting microfiber pad. This would pretty much cover all the bases for anyone starting out with a dual action polisher.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I typically do 2 stage buffs & still Will because I'm OCD ? but this pad combined with Ultracut on a black Harley was a one & done if I wanted it to be, as I said my OCD made me do a final polish & of course happy I did, but GREAT cutting foam pad!

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