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NanoSkin Hyper Suds

NanoSkin Hyper Suds - 16 oz
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Available Sizes

NanoSkin Hyper Suds
16 oz
($0.62 / oz)
NanoSkin Hyper Suds
128 oz
($0.31 / oz)

Product Information

  • Safely and easily remove dirt and grime
  • Feels incredibly slick, makes washing safer!
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Highly concentrated, amazing value!
  • Product Codes: NA-HSS16, NA-HSS128
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Product Description

The NanoSkin Hyper Suds is an excellent shampoo that will help you safely and easily remove dirt, grime, and other contamination from your vehicle's exterior with ease! The highlight of this shampoo is the extreme concentration that allows you to dilute this product down to 800:1. This provides you with the flexibility to dilute this shampoo for an outstanding value while benefiting from nearly 100 ready-to-use gallons of shampoo from one 16oz bottle. If you like tons of suds and a thicker coating of shampoo dilute it less to your desired ratio. Use this shampoo by hand or in a foam lance, it works great both ways. Watching thick suds cover your car brings a lot of satisfaction plus you know they will break down surface grime and help encapsulate dirt and grime. While washing you'll notice the slickness helps your mitt glide across the surface so you don't accidentally add swirls and ultra fine scratches. Once you are finished cleaning, rinse away thoroughly, and the biodegradable formula will wash away without affecting the washed surface or the environment. If you need a new shampoo, reach for the NanoSkin Hyper Suds!

From The Label

Product Description

NANOSKIN HYPER SUDS is a hyper-concentrated shampoo that has an unbelievable dilution ration of 800:1. You can make 100 ready-to-use gallons of wash water from a 16oz size product. HYPER SUDS is a biodegradable formula. It safely lifts dirt and grime without affecting the ashed surface or the environment.


  1. Mix 0.8oz per 5 gallons of water.
  2. Rinse surface with water to flush away loose dirt.
  3. Wash and rinse in sections.
  4. Begin with the roof, and work the suds down to the hood, trunk, and sides.
  5. Dry with clean and soft towels.

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