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Optimum Hyper Spray Polish - 18 oz

Optimum Hyper Spray Polish - 18 oz
Optimum Hyper Spray Polish manufacturer label
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Optimum Hyper Spray Polish
18 oz

Product Information

  • Innovative spray polish that will save time while removing moderate imperfections
  • Work inside or outside with long work times and minimal dusting
  • Vary the level of cut with pad options, such as white, green, black and tangerine
  • Product Code: OPT-20574
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 12 ratings

Product Description

Optimum leads the way again with an innovative new way to polish with Optimum Hyper Spray Polish. That's right you can now spray a polish on and buff your vehicle quicker than ever before by hand or with a buffer. It's the fastest way to remove swirls, oxidation, etc. and restore a brilliant finish. It can be used on all types of clear coats with outstanding results. It's has medium cutting power while finishing down just like a premium light polish. It will remove light wet sanding marks or haze left behind from more aggressive polishes or it can be used by itself with fantastic results. This completely new formula took years of research and testing to perfect with the help from one of the worlds largest car manufacturers. It was designed to get the best results possible in the least amount of time. It utilizes both diminishing abrasives and ultra fine micro-abrasives that will not break down so you have the best of both worlds. This one of a kind formula will impress you from the very first application. To use it simply spray the polish on your pad or directly on your vehicle and begin buffing. When you spray it on your pad it more evenly coats the pad so it's instantly primed and ready to go. You can also do both by misting it on the pad and the paint for best results. Traditional polishes often leave some parts of the pad dry which can more readily cause hazing. Additionally you wind up using less product and saving money because it's being spread more evenly. Best of all during the application you'll notice there is no dusting and it works great in the sun or shade. This means less time is spent on removing the excess polish as well. The convenient spray polish is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike so everyone will enjoy improved results in less time. Upon completion the paint will look more optically clear and glossy. Try the Optimum Hyper Polish Spray today and you'll see why a world's leading car manufacturer, professional detailers and enthusiasts alike are loving this product!

Professional Detailer Reviews

I have used a lot of polishes since first starting out in detailing, and in my opinion Optimum Hyper Polish is one of the most under rated polishes on the market. I have not found a job that I haven't been able to use this on yet. Don't let the medium cut rating of this versatile polish fool you, it finishes down just as nice as any finishing polishes on the market while removing some pretty major defects.
Product Review: Optimum Hyper Polish


How to Use the Hyper Paint Correction System

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Optimum Hyper Polish

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From The Label

Product Description

Paint Perfect in a Spray
This ground-breaking spray polish is fast cutting, ZERO dusting, and user friendly. The Optimum Hyper Spray Polish contains a unique blend of proprietary polymers and polishing agents that will rapidly remove swirls and minor blemishes while producing brilliant gloss and clarity. Optimum Hyper Spray Polish is what you have been looking for, but until now, never existed!


DIRECTIONS:Always shake well before using. This polish can be used for rapid swirl removal while creating brilliant gloss and clarity. For swirl removal, use a polishing foam pad with a rotary buffer at 1200-1600 RPM. One to two sprays per 2 foot area will suffice. More is not needed as the product will keep cutting and has a long working time. Product can be sprayed on panel or directly on the pad. Use medium to light pressure to crate perfect results in a brief amount of time. Product will act more aggressively if used with a more aggressive foam pad or a wool pad while still creating deep gloss. Product can also be used with an orbital buffer with ANY choice of foam pad if desired. Wipe off residue with a dampened microfiber towel. For heavier compounding and sand scratch removal, use the Optimum Hyper Spray Compound. VOC compliant and body shop safe.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
For 2nd step, I use GG perfecting Cream and Optimum Hyper Polish.

The reason that I'll choose Hyper Polish over Perfecting Cream is when I simply can't get that jeweled gloss and shine that I want.

So, finicky paint, this polish is perfect.
One bottle will last for a lot of cars, so I am happy with this purchase.

The only downside is that it's more oily compared to GG Perfecting Cream.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I've been using this for about tens years now. It's really a pleasure to work with and produces excellent gloss. Like other polishes you can adjust cut and finish by changing pads. I don't worry about misting the whole pad. Just get one good spray close to the pad and you'll have plenty of product to do a large section. Endless working time and no dusting. A spritz of water makes removal effortless. Recommend.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I never thought a product like this could save the amount of time and effort it takes to polish a car.

The performance of the polish itself is exquisite. It delivers the gloss one expects from a high quality finishing polish. Clear, glossy reflection. It never leaves me wanting more.

But the really incredible thing about this polish is it's method of application....

Since I don't yet have a pad washer. I instead spritzed my pad with ONR (standard dilution) with my trigger bottle, and wiped off as the polisher ran, with a dedicated microfiber towel. One spray of Hyper Polish on my blue Hex Logic, and I can get about half a hood done. It took so little time that I stood there stunned for a minute trying to figure out how I was getting around the car so fast. Even doing the spritz/wipe cleaning of the pad.

Another benefit is how the entire system works together. I know Hyper Polish isn't going to mess with Car Wax, Opti-Seal, or Gloss Coat. It won't leave durable polishing lubricants, resistant to surface prep fluids on the paint. Just wipe off the polish and apply the Car Wax or Opti-Seal and you're done. Gloss Coat does require Panel Prep.

I will definitely buy this one again. Absolutely.

I also have the compound, but for some reason the liquid won't come out of the sprayer. I'll consult with Optimum to see what they recommend. I really want to try it because if I can get it to spray, and it perform a similar to this, I may have an entirely new polishing system.

Be advised that the Hyper Polish sprays just fine out of the sprayer!

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