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Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pad

Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pad - 6.5"
Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pad - 6.5" Alternative View
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Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pad
Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pad

Product Information

Product Description

The Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pad is the perfect pad for removing light imperfections and leaving behind a beautiful gloss! Wheather you are looking to remove light imperfections, oxidation, or simply working on some soft paint, the soft, yet firm, foam of these pads gently maximizes the power of the Rupes BigFoot Mille LK900E. Pair it with the Ultra Fine Compound and stand back in awe at the glossy, optically clear surface left behind. If you need to remove any heavy imperfections first, the Mille Fine Compound or Mille Coarse Compound are a better choice.

The Rupes Mille Pads are designed nice and thin, with a tapered-edge design to maximize the unique gear-driven movement of the Mille LK900E. With the two different size pads (6.5" and 5.5") you will have pads that work with either the 5" or 6" Mille backing plates. The unique design of these pads helps increase defect removal and maintain optimal user comfort during the polishing process. Gear driven polishers can also come across some steering and vibration issues, so Rupes designed these pads to take that into account. Everything from the pads, to the polisher, down to the polish, will work together to provide you with a smooth, high-end user experience.

Light imperfections, oxidation or soft paint? The Rupes Mille Ultra Fine White Foam Pads are your answer!

Rupes Mille Pad Sizes:
  • 6.5" Mille Pads - 6.5" Front, 6" Back.
  • 5.5" Mille Pads - 5.5" Front, 5" Back.

Rupes Mille Pad & Polish Combos:

Rupes Mille Backing Plate & Pad Combos:

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