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Rupes Reveal Strong - 5 L

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Rupes Reveal Strong - 5 L
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Available Sizes

Rupes Reveal Strong
750 ml
($0.03 / ml)
Rupes Reveal Strong
5 L
($0.02 / ml)

Product Information

  • Removes all polish residues with ease
  • Contains no fragrances or colors
  • Comes in Lite and Strong
  • Product Codes: 9.REVEALH750/6, 9.REVEALH5L
  • Read full description

Customer Reviews

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Product Description

Rupes Reveal Strong is a surface preparation and cleaning spray specifically formulated to help prep your paintwork for polishing or protection! Compounds, polish oils, residues, waxes, non-durable fillers, and other surface contamination can remain on surfaces after washing and polishing. Reside can temporarily hide the actual surface condition and it can prevent protective layers from bonding to the surface. Using Reveal Strong, you can quickly remove heavy residue with only a few swipes of your microfiber towel! Just spray onto your towel and wipe, it is that easy. Any remaining moisture from Reveal evaporates readily so your paint is truly ready to be protected. If you are looking for a surface that is truly clean and ready for any form of protection, use the Rupes Reveal Strong!

Two Strength Options:
  • Reveal Lite - Best for compound and polish oils, residues, waxes, non-durable fillers.
  • Reveal Strong - Best for stubborn compounds and polish oils, residues, durable fillers, adhesives.

Tips for Success:
  • Reveal Lite, spray generously onto the surface to be cleaned (if surface is freshly painted, spray onto a towel then wipe, do not spray directly on the surface).
  • Reveal Strong, spray onto a towel then wipe, do not spray directly on the surface.
  • Wipe immediately with a clean, soft, microfiber towel until dry.
  • Inspect surface and repeat treatment as necessary.

From The Label

Product Description

Reveal Strong Formulated to remove the most stubborn residues, durable fillers, adhesives, surface oils; Reveal Strong shows you the true nature of the surface by removing anything that can mask defects. The powerful formula is intended only for use on fully cured paint, hard and chemical resistant surfaces, or similar applications. When you need to know if the surface is truly corrected, reveal the truth with RUPES REVEAL STRONG!

Common Sense Warning: Rupes Reveal Strong is an extremely powerful surface preparation spray and residue remover. Always test surface compatibility by spraying a small amount on an inconspicuous area first. If discoloration or other significant changes to appearance occur, do not use! Avoid use on delicate vinyl, plastic, or similar surfaces that could be damaged.


1) Spray to a clean, soft microfiber towel and apply to the surface. Do not spray directly on the surface.

2) Wipe immediately with the flip-side of the microfiber towel, or with another microfiber towel.

3) Inspect surface and repeat treatment as necessary.

Tips For Success:
Never use Reveal Strong on surfaces that are hot to the touch, like panels in direct sunlight. Never allow Reveal Strong to dry completely on the surface. Avoid use on window tint or delicate vinyl or plastic materials. When using Reveal Strong on fresh paint, spray the product onto the towel then wipe. Do not spray directly onto the surface.

Customer Reviews

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I use this as a final cleaner prior to hitting the panel with the stat gun and then paint. Works great for getting any residual contamination off of the panel which can cause issues during the painting process. Evaporates completely with zero residue left on the panel. It is pricey but a little goes a long way and it really has helped with the cleanliness of my paint jobs.

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