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The Last Detail The Final Polish - 32 oz

The Last Detail The Final Polish - 32 oz
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Available Sizes

The Last Detail The Final Polish
16 oz
($1.81 / oz)
The Last Detail The Final Polish
32 oz
($1.56 / oz)

Product Information

  • Remove light imperfections, swirls and marring
  • Low dusting and will not stain trim
  • Silicone free and body shop safe (no fillers)
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The Last Detail The Final Polish will help you remove light imperfections, leaving you with a surface ready to be protected! The Last Cut + and The Last Cut Compounding Glaze are two extremely popular polishes from The Last Detail that do an amazing job at removing medium to heavy imperfections with ease. There are times when you only need a light polish, or you need a finer polish after a heavy correction step. This is where the The Final Polish comes in handy! The Final Polish can be used to remove light swirls, oxidation, marring, hazing and other imperfections in clear coat to get the best finish possible. Pair with your favorite light correction pad and work by hand or via polisher. With this high-quality polish, you will not have any white polishing residue or staining to your trim pieces, allowing you to not only polish, but polish safer! With the low dusting formula, long work time, and non oily residue, The Last Detail The Final Polish should find a place in your polishing collection with ease.

From The Label

Product Description

  • Fine Finishing Polish - NO FILLERS
  • Micro-marring/Surface Haze Removal
  • Extended Product Work Time
  • Pad Dependent Aggression
  • Body Shop Safe - Silicone Free

The Final Polish (TFP) is a water-based finishing polish that was designed by a detailer for detailers. TFP is the finest abrasive formulation in the TLD Products line-up. It was developed as a finishing step in the paint polishing process. Its main purpose is to remove haze, holograms and micro-marring that may have been introduced during more aggressive polishing steps or poor clear coat maintenance. It can be used for paint enhancement to extract hidden gloss from the clear coat. This product will excel in situations where soft clear coats or delicate finishes are encountered.

The Final Polish was designed with a pure approach in mind. The goal was to keep the formula as light as possible which in turn provides a high resistance to rubber and plastic trim straining. This means the TFP is thin and light by design. Aggression can also be customized based on pad selection as it is compatible with all pad variations. It can also be used with dual action, forced rotation or rotary machines. TFP will be a great addition to your polishing arsenal if the best possible finish is what you seek. If The Last Cut or The Last Cut+ lacks the ability to finish due the formulation aggression, this is where The Final Polish is utilized. This SILICONE FREE formula contains NO FILLERS and is BODY SHOP SAFE.


Shake well before use. Ensure surface is clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Bonded contaminants should be removed using a clay bar or preferred method. Do not use on surfaces that are excessively hot to the touch.

When working with a dual action or forced rotation polisher, prime pad by applying 5-6 dots of product on your chosen pad. After the pad is primed 3-4 dots of product can be used. For added aggression, a more aggressive pad or 1-2 additional dots can be added to the pad.

Work product into a 24" x 24" section or an area based on your polishing experience. Machine speed will vary based on the task at hand, however speed 4-5, medium pressure with slow arm speed can be utilized to work through the polishing phase. When using a high-speed rotary polisher use speed 1200-1600 RPM.

The light formulation of TFP will turn clear but it will still have defect removal and finishing ability. Working under a light is recommended. Remove polish residue with a folded plush microfiber towel. If residue remains, flip towel and wipe again to remove the remaining polish. The Final Polish does not provide protection so a separate product will be needed to protect the recently polished surface.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
First time I tried this and it was great. Got some amazing results with this and a light polishing pad. Definitely recommend!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Awesome finishing polish...it has a very long work time, absolutley no dusting what so ever. It is a water based polish so no staining occurs and the wipe off is super easy. This has take over as my go to finishing polish...I am anxious to see if it can remove more than advertised. Home run Jace!!!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
You can go ahead and throw away your other finishing polishes. Seriously. Jace nailed it again with this finishing polish. It is phenomenal. Can get a decent cut depending on pad use and can even be used as a one-step on some softer paints. The finish and gloss are unparalleled. It just took over as my only finishing polish. Highly recommended!

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