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Wowo's Detailer's Shampoo

Wowo's Detailer's Shampoo - 500 ml
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Available Sizes

Wowo's Detailer's Shampoo
500 ml

Product Information

  • High quality shampoo that removes dirt and grime safely and easily
  • Concentrated (500:1 to 100:1)
  • pH balanced
  • Smells amazing!
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Product Description

The Wowo's Detailers Shampoo is a simple, easy to use shampoo that safely removes dirt, grime and other contamination. A good shampoo is an essential part of any detail and helps encapsulate dirt and grime, allowing you to remove it from the surface without implementing wash induced swirls and scratches. With Detailers Shampoo, you can use it in a two bucket wash or via foam cannon. There are no additives or waxes, just a pure high-activity pH balanced soap and it is highly dilutable (500:1 to 100:1). This allows you to have the perfect strength shampoo for any cleaning step, light or heavy. Best yet, it smells fantastic! If you are looking for a versatile shampoo great for any cleaning step, reach for the Wowo's Detailers Shampoo!


Wowo's Detailer's Shampoo | HOW TO USE

WOWO's Detailer's Shampoo (CRAZY Foam)

From The Label

Product Description

Sometimes in life the simplest solutions are the best solutions, so that's why we haven't overcomplicated our shampoo. No gloss enhancers, no drying aids. Just a pure high activity shampoo, perfect for your regular maintenance wash.


Dilution Ratios - Heavy Soiling 100:1 - Unprotected paint 200:1 - Protected Paint 500:1

  1. Give the bottle a good shake.
  2. Put the desired amount of soap into your wash bucket.
  3. Make sure the car has been rinsed with a snowfoam or prewash.
  4. Start at the top and work your way down using a good quality wash mitt.
  5. Don't allow a washed panel to dry. If it is sunny, wash a panel and rinse immediately.
  6. Rinse car and grab a high quality drying towel. Job done.

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