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303® Automotive Stain Guard for Auto Interiors

Now Available for Pre-Order!
This item is available for pre-order. Order today to guarantee that you'll be one of the first to receive it. Orders containing this item will ship as soon as we have the 16 oz 303® Automotive Stain Guard for Auto Interiors in stock. Estimated ship date: 8/23/17.
303 Automotive Stain Guard for Auto Interiors - 16 oz
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303® Automotive Stain Guard for Auto Interiors
16 oz

Product Information

  • Protect interior fabrics with ease!
  • Helps protect from staining, dirt, grime, repelling liquids, etc.
  • Water based solution leaves fabrics flexible and natural feeling
  • Product Code: 30676
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Product Description

The 303 Automotive Stain Guard will help you protect your interior fabric surfaces with an easy to use spray on formula! Simply mist on to your fabrics and you are done, you've got durable protection to preserve your fabrics. No matter how careful you are, you will always track dirt and grime into your vehicle, spill coffee or food, ride with careless passengers, etc. The extremely durable water based solution will bond to your carpets and fabrics, sealing the fibers, without any artificial or stiff feeling. The fibers in these areas will stay flexible and natural feeling, while the protective barrier helps repel stains, dirt, grime, anything else your fabrics come in contact with. Do not take the chance at staining your interior, protect with the 303 Automotive Stain Guard today!

IMPORTANT: 303 offers two protection options for fabrics, the Fabric Guard and Stain Guard.
  • Fabric Guard is solvent based and offers the strongest water repellency. You can use it on exterior fabrics (i.e. umbrellas, convertible tops, patio chairs, etc.) and on interior fabrics (i.e. carpets, sets, etc.). However, if you do use it on interior fabrics, 303 strongly suggests making sure the area is well ventilated!
  • Stain Guard is water based and safe to use on all interior fabrics. It will however not work as well as Fabric Guard on your convertible top or exterior fabrics.

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