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303® Automotive Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner

303 Automotive Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner - 16 oz
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303® Automotive Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner
16 oz

Product Information

  • Quickly clean your fabric and vinyl convertible tops
  • Gets deep into the pores and pulls out contamination
  • Safe on fabric, vinyl, plastic, rubber, etc.
  • Product Code: 30571
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Product Description

The 303 Automotive Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner, that will help you bring your convertible top back to life! This cleaner will get deep into the pores of your convertible top and bring soil and other contamination to the surface for removal. Apply evenly with a light spray over a wet surface and agitate with a damp towel or brush as needed. If you have heavier contamination to remove, rinse the surface and repeat the application until it is removed. It is safe to use on any fabric tops, vinyl, plastic, rubber, carpets and much more. This product will only clean, so we highly recommend applying a protectant to the surface once you are finished. If you have a dirty convertible top, pick up the 303 Automotive Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner and bring your top back to that like new condition quickly and easily!

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Professional Detailer Reviews

Tired of having a convertible top that looks filthy? While there are many convertible top cleaners on the market and most will work just fine, I personally prefer 303's products. They have a reputation for great products, 303 Automotive Tonneau Cover and Convertible Top Cleaner is just another of their products to add to that list. An extremely easy product to use while producing outstanding results.

- Product Review: 303 Automotive Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner by Kevin George


303 Automotive Tonneau and Convertible Top Cleaner Demo

From The Label

Product Description

Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner
Cleans and brightens both hard & soft surfaces
  • Safe for use on all fabric and vinyl convertible tops, tonneau covers, soft tops and car bras
  • Rinses residue free


DIRECTIONS Rinse thoroughly to remove any loose dirt, solids & debris. While the area is still wet, apply 303 Tonneau Cover & Convertible Top Cleaner. Agitate lightly with a dampened soft nylon brush, terry cloth rag or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. For difficult stains, let cleaner stand for 10-20 minutes, before scrubbing lightly to loosen stain. Rinse thoroughly. (Always rinse before surface dries). Warmer temperatures, agitation & longer dwell times aid the cleaning action. In cold temperatures, allow cleaner to work lo work longer before rinsing.

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Super product and works as advertised.

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