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3D AAT Finishing Polish 502

3D AAT Finishing Polish 502 - 32 oz
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Available Sizes

3D AAT Finishing Polish 502
8 oz
($1.37 / oz)
3D AAT Finishing Polish 502
32 oz
($0.94 / oz)

Product Information

  • Remove light imperfections and restore that deep glossy finish!
  • No fillers and body shop safe
  • Reside wipes away with ease
  • Product Codes: 502OZ08, 502OZ32
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 1 ratings

Product Description

3D AAT Finishing Polish 502 is a fine finishing polish designed to quickly remove light imperfections. 3D specially engineered this polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology. This technology features a multi-surface leveling agent that accelerates and enhances performance, all while not containing fillers, keeping it body shop safe. Pair with a finishing pad and a few small drops of polish to remove ultra-fine imperfections (light swirls, haze, holograms, etc.), while leaving an amazing finish behind. If you find yourself with heavy imperfections, the 3D AAT Cutting Compound 501 as a first step, followed up with the AAT Finishing Polish 502 is a great two-step polishing process for various paint types. Once you are finished polishing, don't worry about cleanup because Finishing Polish wipes off easily, leaving nothing behind but a mirror finish. That's right, no streaks, smears, or buildup! Grab a bottle of 3D AAT Finishing Polish 502 today and bring back that mirror finish!

From The Label

Product Description

  • No holograms
  • Low dust
  • Superior finish
  • No fillers
  • Easy clean up

3D ATT Finishing Polish is the industry's number 1 "Hologram Free" polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology (a multi-surface leveling agent that accelerates and enhances performance).

3D ATT Finishing Polish is specially engineered with NANO abrasives that effortlessly correct virtually any painted surface leaving a swirl free, glass-like finish without any fillers.


After sanding marks have been removed with 3D ATT Cutting Compound 501, set buffer to a comfortable speed (3D preferred 600-1200 RPM's). Apply enough 3D ATT Finishing Polish 502 to work a 2' x 2' area using a 3D Spider-Cut finishing foam pad. Polish with slow back and forth overlapping motions, keeping the pad's surface flat with the vehicle until all holograms, swirl or wheel marks are removed. Remove remaining residue with a clean microfiber cloth to reveal a TRUE PAINT CORRECTION.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This one came out of nowhere, and knocked me out.

I've used it on a few cars already, with both short and tall stroke polishers on foam pads, and the gloss is just gorgeous. Reminiscent of ACA520.

The pads were a blue Buff and Shine, and Uro-Tech Yellow. Started with four small drops (some forum gurus recommend using way more than is needed. This is a waste of product, effort, and time. You will have to make too many passes to get the abrasives acting on the paint, too much pressure, too much moisture [which contributes to - ] going through too many pads, and more difficult wipe off), light pressure, and low to mid speeds - just enough to keep the pad rotating. I have a few cars where I used it strictly as a finisher, and one where I needed to remove some average annual wear, like wash marring, and such. The AAT502 is plenty strong enough to remove defects, but did still leave that signature gloss. I reloaded my pads with two drops of polish. For the 3" pads cut the amount in half. It had a great, buttery buffing feel over the finish, and can often times be "stretched out" to another section without the need for a reload. I've never gone through such a small amount of product. Wipe off is smooth, consistent and predictable. Doesn't leave hard to remove deposits on the finish. Leaves a clean surface.

I plan on trying it with my typical cutting pads, the Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber and Uro-Fiber Finisher to see how AAT502 performs in one step situations, where I normally use 3D ONE.

Definitely will buy again, and keep in the arsenal.

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