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CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover

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Best Seller CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover - 4 L
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Available Sizes

CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover
500 ml
($0.03 / ml)
CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover
4 L
($0.03 / ml)
CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover
1000 ml
($0.03 / ml)

Product Information

  • Safely remove tar, bug smear, road grime, and brake dust
  • Citrus based cleaner that is non corrosive
  • Thicker viscosity means it clings to the paint better and doesn't run easily
  • Can be used safely all over the exterior
  • Unique "glow color tracer" literally leaves a neon green glow wherever it's sprayed
  • Product Codes: CP-1797, 17984, 1797
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 22 ratings

Product Description

The CarPro Tar X Tar and Adhesive Remover is far more than an ordinary degreaser so don't underestimate just how amazing this product is. It's a very strong yet relatively gentle product that can quickly remove not only tar but also asphalt, bug smear, tire marks, stubborn adhesives, road grime, brake dust and so much more. When you spray it on tar you can literally see the tar start to dissolve within seconds which saves you from scrubbing with too much arm pressure or using aggressive clay bar treatments.

To explain why this formula is so advanced we'll start with how it's made. Tar X utilizes all of it's cleaning power from the solvents extracted from orange peels, which contain no chlorinated solvents or harsh chemicals so it's non corrosive. The number one ingredient in many cleaning product is actually water or fillers but Tar X boasts 60% active ingredients and a thicker viscosity that clings to the paint and won't run as fast.

Another original characteristic is the "glow color tracer" which you have to almost see to fully believe. When you spray it on the paint it leaves a neon green glow on the paint so you can see exactly where you have sprayed. In fact, this neon glow will quite literally glow in the dark if you use it at night, but it rinses clean with just a quick spray from the hose.

To apply it just spray it on the paint and wait about 1 - 2 minutes before rinsing it off or for stubborn build ups agitate with a soft sponge and rinse clean afterward. During use avoid direct sun and don't leave it on the exterior for more than 7 - 10 minutes, especially plastic parts. The only other precautions for the vehicle is to not use it on acrylic paints and work in a ventilated area. It's safe on fresh paint, vinyl films, chrome trim, vinyl/plastic trim, etc. again just don't leave it on excessively or dry up. After you apply it you'll be amazed at how much this formula can remove from the exterior because the tar literally melts away where as many other formulas just soften it up at best. Please remember despite the strong cleaning power you are using a citrus based cleaning product that is non corrosive.

If you choose to follow up with a clay bar you will have saved yourself a lot of time and the now clean surface will enhance the results of any polish, glaze, sealant or wax used afterward. The CarPro Tar X is truly an incredible product that is going to save you time and improve your results so pick some up today!

Professional Detailer Reviews

With nearly all roads around the world being asphalt based, it is nearly impossible to not need a product like CarPro's Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover. While darker colors do a great job of hiding tar spots, lighter colors such as white or silver show specks of tar very easily. Typical washing products will simply not do a good job of removing these marks in a safe timely manner, and that is where Tar-X comes in. This product really needs very little explanation as the name does a great job of describing what it does.

- Product Review: CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover by Kevin George


TarX on plastic trim


TarX tar remover

From The Label

Product Description

Tar X


  1. Shake well, spray on dry surface.
  2. Let react 2-3 min. or brush/wipe on surface. Avoid leaving on for more then 7 ~ 10 min. Avoid spraying on acrylic paint.
  3. Rinse well with water or power wash.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Best tar remover I've used. Depending on the material being applied to, I've found it best to spray on microfiber and then lightly apply to tar. The spray/let sit and then pressure wash off is ok too, but I've found the best results with the spray in the microfiber method.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Very impressed with this product. Lingers where you spray and breaks down tar, sap, and more. This will be my go to product for this purpose.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is the only tar remover I use. I recently cleaned a car with wheels that hadn't been cleaned in ten years. The amount of tar was unbelievable. Tar-X took it off in two applications in about twenty minutes. It really works. Buy this, you will be amazed at how effective it is.

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