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Jescar Medium Polish - 8 oz

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Jescar Medium Polish - 8 oz
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Jescar Medium Polish
8 oz
($2.62 / oz)
Jescar Medium Polish
32 oz
($1.66 / oz)

Product Information

  • Remove light to medium imperfections safely and easily
  • Finishes down extremely well
  • Silicone free and body shop safe
  • Product Codes: J-MP-8, J-MPQ
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Customer Reviews

67% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 3 ratings

Product Description

The Jescar Medium Polish helps you remove light to medium imperfections safely and easily! Medium Polish is positioned between the Jescar Correcting Compound (Heavy Correction) and Micro Finishing Polish (Light Correction & Finishing) and helps you remove light swirls, RIDS, oxidation, watermarks and other imperfections. Apply 3-4 pea sized drops to your polishing pad and work in one section at a time. Using medium pressure move side to side then up and down until the polish breaks down, leaving a clear film over the surface. Wipe away the excess polish and you will be left with a nice clear surface. Most of the time this polish will leave you ready to apply your favorite wax or sealant, but if you need an extra finishing step, grab the Jescar Micro Finishing Polish. Don't let imperfections ruin your paint finish, use the Jescar Medium Polish and remove them!

Jescar Polishing System:

Professional Detailer Reviews

The Jescar Medium Polish is one product that I wanted to test out as a 1 Stage polishing option; a dedicated polish that can provide a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the paint in one step.
Jescar Medium Polish: Tested With Lake Country HDO Pads

From The Label

Product Description

  • Eliminates 2500 grit sanding marks, oxidation and scratches
  • Silicone-free, Paint Area Safe, No Dusting, and Easy Cleaning
  • Safe for all Clear Coat Paint
  • Leaves a Deep High Gloss Finish in One Step

Machine polishing compound formula with a new generation of high performance aluminum oxide suitable for all paint system including scratch-resistant clear coats. Eliminates scratches caused by automatic car washes and daily use and 2500 grit sanding marks on fresh paint leaving a deep high gloss finish. Can be used with wool or foam pads on either rotary or dual action polishing machine. Silicone-free and safe for all paint areas.


Shake before using. Avoid working on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight for best results. Apply 3 to 4 pea sized drops of Jescar Medium Polish evenly over the surface of a foam polishing pad. Work in a 2'x2' area using medium pressure and speed (1200-1800 rpm) until defects are removed and the polish breaks down leaving a clear film over the surface. Wipe off the residue with a microfiber cloth. For ultimate surface protection follow with Jescar Power Lock Plus polymer sealant.

Store in a sealed bottle, avoiding freezing or very hot temperatures.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Jescar medium polish is my go to for a most of the single stage polishing I do. Paired with orange Lake Country HDO pad you can remove swirls with ease and has great gloss.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
The Jescar medium cut polish is more of a heavy polish or light compound. It has more cut than 3D One while still finishing very well. A good combo for hard clear is this polish with a Lake Country blue SDO CCS pad. I'm able to get all superficial swirls out with this combo while only leaving behind a few random deeper scratches. The same pad with 3D One wouldn't even touch the swirls on hard clear. 3D One is a great product but it has it's limits especially on hard clear.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
Jescar medium cut polish.

I was able to put in some real world work at the shop with this polish. I'm a huge fan of Menzerna PF2500, 3D ONE, and Rupes Quarz for medium cut polishes. So I had great expectations for Jescar Medium Polish.

Pros: A little goes a long way, and the polish is very wet. It glides effortlessly over the surface. Does a great job of removing typical defects a medium polish will remove, and leaves a great gloss.

Cons: Dust. This polish dusts more than any of the above I mentioned.

In conclusion, I feel I get as good of cut from Menzerna 2500, better finish from Menzerna 2500, and better user experience from Menzerna 2500 - which means I probably won't be ordering this again, but I feel it is a very nice polish.

If you are looking to stay with one line of products, this polish will work just fine.

Update (11/15):

Well, time has made a liar out of me, as I'm here to order more of the Jescar Medium Polish.

There was something about the performance of this polish that made me not want to give up on it, and I'm glad I didn't.

I was able to mitigate the dusting by not over working it. The Menzerna 2500 and 3D One have much longer work times that I had grown accustomed to. The Jescar doesn't need longer work time as it gets to the point much quicker. Also, the bottle caps tend to leave more product than needed on the pad. A careful adjustment of squeezing the bottle will remedy this. This completely took care of the dusting "issue".

The wipe off is also much easier with Jescar Medium Polish than with 3D One or 2500.

I most recently used this on a Mclaren 720s on Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber to remove lot swirls and what appeared to be factory buffer trails and sanding marks. I could have finished with Jescar Medium Polish on the Buff & Shine Uro-Tech yellow foam, but instead used the Jescar Micro Polish, which sent the gloss over the edge.

I actually enjoy using all of these Jescar products. They just seem to work in a wide variety of situations and environments. It's as if they took the best of the Menzerna line, and made it more effective and user friendly.

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