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LC Power Tools UDOS 51E 5 in 1 Random Orbit Polisher Reviews

25% of customers said that they would buy this item again

Based upon 4 ratings

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? No
This has been a huge disappointment! The concept behind it is amazing. I bought one of the first one to be sold in the US. In the first year I owned it I had to send it back to the repair center for various issues due to over heating. It would get so hot you couldn't touch anything but the handle without literally burning your fingers. The last time I sent it back their answer was to put more grease and oil in it. So much so that it now leaks oil on to the surface the car I may be working on. I finally decided to leave it set on 12 mm throw. Mainly because I noticed most of the problems occurred when switching to the different settings. I have Rupes 21 & 15. So if I leave the UDOS on 12 I have the range I was originally looking for. Most of the time it sits in its holder collecting dust. This thing has gotten such bad reviews I cant ethically sell it now. If you are considering it …. Run don't do it it will be a waste of your money. 0 out of 5 stars
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Would they buy this item again? No
Very powerful. The pads that come with it just are not that great, they also do not finish well. The over genius that went behind building such a machine that has so many modes is good. However, it is VERY heavy! Also, at low speeds (under 3) when spreading product for the first time the buffer jumps all over the place. Basically it is useless at low speeds. I will be selling the system with all pads soon, I gave it a chance and it was a huge disappointment.
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Would they buy this item again? No
It is pretty heavy and while using in "R"mode (rotary ) it got pretty hot and kept shutting down. A while ago I bought a DA polisher at Harbor Freight for $120 to try out. Well this UDOS feels like the same one from HF. I returned it. I'll probably be going to resell it and just keep using my Rupes Mille.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Its a great machine,1200 watts of pure power. But its a heavyweight equipment.

After hours of use you fell a rock on your hands and feel some heat up on the grip.
Great for paint correction with rotary and DA combinations.

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