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Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad - 4"

Best Seller Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad - 4"
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Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad
Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad
Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad
Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad

Product Information

  • The most aggressive foam cutting pad, designed to remove the deepest swirls and scratches
  • Medium to heavy cutting polishes work great with a yellow cutting pad
  • We recommend caring for your pads with Lake Country Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner
  • You need to follow up with a lighter pad and polish combo afterward to remove haze on the surface
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Customer Reviews

92% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 13 ratings

Product Description

For deeper scratches and swirls you may need a pad with more cutting power than an orange light cutting pad or other less aggressive options. This pad is Lake Country's firmest foam pad designed to work with any standard backing plate. We recommend using this pad after you have exhausted your polishing possibilities with less aggressive polishes and pads. Use the yellow cutting pad with a compound or heavy cutting polish for deep polishing power. This pad is designed to give you maximum cutting power so you can remove deep imperfections which will leave the surface with a light haze. This haze is to be expected and can be removed with lighter pads and polishing combo. The Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad is a great pad to help restore your paint to a brilliant shine, but only use it as needed.

Pad Sizes:
  • 6.5" Diameter - .875" (7/8") Thick
  • 5.5" Diameter - .875" (7/8") Thick
  • 4" Diameter - .875" (7/8")
  • 3" Diameter - .875" (7/8")

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Teamed up with Meg's 105 and other compounds these flat pads are Great on a rotory and DA. I wonder what people are doing to with these pads when they say they fall apart?
Operator error is what it sounds like.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
A must have if you own a buffer. This pad can remove deep scratches that an orange pad just can't. No matter how clean you think your paint is, I guarantee you will find a spot that the yellow pad will come out on. Snag it and have it for the spots you need it in. The most aggressive lake county pad here will make quick work of most any imperfection on your car (within the reason of course). Next to the finishing pad this is the most important pad in my arsenal.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I love this pad! I worked on a S400 Mercedes Black and I used Menzerna 400. That pad cut the swirls and scratches out of that paint quickly and left the car looking beautiful . I just followed up with Menzerna 3800 with a polishing pad / light cutting. I will say that you have to know your products and what it will do on different paint. I saved a lot of time using this pad. Yes I would recommend this.

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