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Rupes DA Fine Polishing Compound Reviews

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Professional Detailer Reviews

We recently received the new Rupes D-A system to test out, this was all done on our personal vehicle, a Toyota Prius C, as we are extremely familiar with the paint and how it reacts so we can isolate that variable for a more streamlined analysis.
Product Review: Rupes D-A System

Customer Reviews

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There are a lot of "one does all" polishes emerging these days. They all seem to do their job well. They're basically medium polishes where the manufacturer tells the end user to adjust the performance by changing pads and/or technique.

One could easily place DA Fine in this category, but I'm finding that the finish it leaves very refined on a consistent basis.

Like the DA Coarse I had a bit of a learning curve with it - not as much, but being very used to another polish's characteristic. Because I get a lot of cut up front with DA Fine, I found myself over working it, and over loading with product - which produced a bit of dusting. On a 6" pad, I only need one or two drops to reload, and maybe two passes. Very fast acting polish.

One of my favorite characteristics of these polishes - the entire line - is very easy wipe off.

With all of the positive characteristics of these action packed polishes I'm finding myself starting to reach for them more and more often. It could be that these polishes are the most advanced on the market today. They really found a nice fulcrum of performance and usability. Some lines can be easier, but lack performance. Others approach the performance, but lack ease of use. Rupes seems to have found the sweet spot.
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I believe the Rupes fine finish polish is the star of the Rupes DA polishing system. Little or no dust, great work time and astonishing results.
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I am a hobby detailer and heard good things about this product. Plus I use a Rupes machine and like the Rupes Pads, why not use the polish as well? I did a one step on a brand new Honda Odyssey and this finished perfectly well while removing 95%+ of all imperfections. Very minimal dusting and allowed long work times when I needed it. Very happy with the result, any deeper scratches I used the blue coarse polish which paired well with this one.
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First, my main job is not "detailing" but rather more of a mobile body shop fixing minor repairs. We tend to fix a lot of clear coat scratches as well. I use an original Rupes LHR15 and wet sand down to 1500 grit. My customer base is dealerships ranging from Toyota to Porsche and everything in between.
The new D.A. Fine while used with their yellow wool pad is, in my opinion, a game changer. Fast cut but also leaves the surface almost flawless. For my customers, the finish is much higher than their expectations.
This combination has quickly become my "go to" to handle most anything from clear coat scratches to damage from bird droppings or hard water stains.

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