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resqme alertme Stay Awake

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resqme alertme Stay Awake - Delux
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Available Sizes

resqme alertme Stay Awake
resqme alertme Stay Awake

Product Information

  • Earpiece that will help fight the dangers of drowsy driving
  • Emits a loud 90 decibel sound to help you stay awake
  • Small, comfortable and lightweight
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Product Description

The Resqme alertme Stay Awake alarm will help you stay awake while driving! We may not like to admit it, but we have all been there at some time or another, so tired that we start to doze off while driving. When this happens, having someone else drive for you is always the best option, but what if that is not possible? What if you work late, need to drive at night by yourself, etc. In these cases, the alertme Stay Awake alarm can quite literally be a lifesaver. Alertme is about the size of a bluetooth earpiece and incredibly lightweight. Just slip it over your ear and start driving. This cool little tool detects when your head nods, which can indicate that you may be feeling drowsy. When active, the alarm will emit a 90 decibels sound right into your ear, which is equivalent to a police whistle. This loud noise will wake you up, allowing you to pull over to get some rest, call for a ride, etc. Alertme is a great product to leave in the car, or give to a loved one who may drive at night, needing something to help them stay awake. Pick up the Resqme alertme Stay Awake alarm and fight the dangers of drowsy driving!

Two Great Sizes:
  • Standard: Earpiece
  • Deluxe: Earpiece, USB cable, cigarette lighter charger adapter

  • Dimensions: (Standard) 3L x 1.60W x 0.5D (in.) & (Deluxe) 3.9L x 2W x 1D (in.)
  • Weight: (Standard) 0.4oz & (Deluxe) 1oz
  • Materials: ABS plastic - Mercury Free
  • Batteries: (Standard) Replaceable LR41 (x3). Will last about 30,000 rings. (Deluxe) 1 Lithium ion batteries required & included.
  • SDS: Alkaline Button Cell (Dry Cell) US DOT (49 CFR 172.102 Provision 130) IATA (A123)

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