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Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Orange

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Orange - 5.5"
Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Orange - 5.5" Alternative View
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Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Orange

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Product Description

The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Orange will help you remove noticeable imperfections safely! Imperfections, swirls, scratches, etc. can really take away from the overall look of an otherwise beautiful vehicle. We always recommend starting with a light polish first and inspecting the results. However, if the light pad and polish are not working you have heavy imperfections and need more corrective power, this orange pad could be exactly what you are looking for. Pair this pad with your favorite compound or more aggressive polish and you will be impressed by how quickly and effortlessly you remove swirls, light scratches, oxidation, etc. This pad is the second strongest corrective pad in the Quantum line, but if you find yourself needing something even stronger, the Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Yellow (listed below) is a great choice. Once finished, we do recommend following up with a lighter polish and pad combo to remove any haze left behind.

Chemical Guys Quantum Hex-Logic Buffing Pads feature a high quality foam that allows you to smoothly transfer power from the machine to the paint, while minimizing heat, wear, tear and user fatigue. The secret is in the hex logic grooves and center hole. The hottest part of the pad during use is generally the center, meaning if you remove the foam from that area, you will allow the pad to breathe and thus become cooler. Combine that with the hex grooves, which help disperse heat from the face of the polishing pad, and you greatly reduce heat buildup during use. Less heat means better polishing results and less polishing pads prematurely failing! The Race Face tapered profile increases pad surface area and stability, which helps reduce wear and tear while polishing. Add in the breathable hook and loop backing, which is designed to help reduce heat, while securely fitting onto your backing plate, and you have yourself an incredibly high quality and effective pad design!

Hex-Logic Quantum Pads (Least to Most Aggressive):


How To Choose The Best Polishing Pad - Quantum Hex Logic Buffing Pads - Chemical Guys

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Not enough difference between this and the white, in my view. I'd get yellow next time instead for cut polish.

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