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CarPro Essence Plus - 500 ml

CarPro Essence Plus - 500 ml
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Available Sizes

CarPro Essence Plus
250 ml
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CarPro Essence Plus
500 ml
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CarPro Essence Plus
1000 ml
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Product Information

  • Repair and restore your coating!
  • Remove imperfections without removing your coating
  • Restore gloss and increase durability of your coating
  • Product Codes: CP-ESP25, CP-ESP50, ESP1L
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Customer Reviews

67% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 15 ratings

Product Description

The CarPro Essence Plus is a non-abrasive solution that will help you repair fine swirls in a damaged ceramic coating, while simultaneously increasing gloss, hydrophobic properties, and cleansing the surface beneath! I am sorry for the mouthful in that first sentence, but there is just no short way to describe this awesome product! In the past, if you had swirls, scratches, water marks, or simply did not take care of your coating, your only option was to remove it and re-coat the car to get it back to looking it's best. With Essence Plus, you can now repair and restore the coating without having to remove whatever coating may be left on the surface. The unique formula is the key and it is packed with SiO2, ceramic coat repair agents, high gloss quartz resins, and hydrophobic nano particles. For the exact application instructions, take a look at the CarPro suggested steps below. After application, you will be amazed at the smooth, glass feel and gloss left behind. Your paint will really pop and your coating will be rejuvenated, extending the protection and durability of up to a year, if not more! If you do not have a coating already applied, Essence Plus will not correct the paint, but it will help add some gloss and protection to the surface. As you can already tell, Essence Plus is a completely new concept and CarPro does not want you to mix it up with the already popular Essence. Grab yourself a bottle of CarPro Essence Plus and rejuvenate your coating!

  • Wash, decontaminate and rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry vehicle and wipe down with CarPro Eraser for clean oil free surface

Via Dual Action Polisher:
  • Prime CarPro Gloss pad with Essence PLUS
  • Apply with no pressure in multiple overlapping passes on speed 1-3 across 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm) section
  • Wipe off with microfiber towel
  • Clean pad with brush and apply 4 pea size drops
  • Move to next section and repeat steps 2 through 4

Via Hand:
  • Affix CarPro Gloss Pad to CarPro hand applicator strap tool
  • Apply Essence PLUS to the CarPro Gloss pad
  • Without pressure, apply in overlapping figure eight motions across 24" sq. ~ 36" sq. (60cm x 60cm ~ 90cm x 90cm) section.
  • Allow to dry to a slight haze and wipe off with microfiber towel
  • Move to next section and repeat steps 2 through 4

From The Label

Product Description

Top coat non-abrasive jeweling agent hydrophobic energy

  • Repairs nano-coatings
  • For use on coated vehicles
  • Adds layer of SiO2 quartz protection
  • Use with D/A, rotary or by hand


  1. Wash with Reset and decontaminate with IronX, Spotless and TarX as needed.
  2. Dry vehicle and wipe down with Eraser for a clean, oil-free surface.
  3. Apply 4 pea-size drops to CARPRO Gloss Pad on a dual-action polisher.
  4. Use with no pressure and on low speed across a 60 x 60 cm/24" x 24" section.
  5. Allow to dry until vehicle is complete or for 30 min minimum. Then wipe with MF.

    Hand Application:
  1. Apply Essence+ to a soft foam applicator, work in a circular motion all over the surface.
  2. Allow to dry until vehicle is complete or for 30 min minimum. Then wipe with MF.

PRECAUTIONS: Test the product on an inconspicuous area before use. Keep container tightly closed after use. Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works like they said it does. Very user friendly! Do you whole vehicle, go have lunch, then come back and gently wipe off!!

Leaves a nice finish . I used it over a coating that was done 2 years ago!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This worked well to remove micro scratches from 2 ceramic coated vehicles. It also removed a rubber mark when I rubbed a fender against the garage door weather stripping.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Easy on,easy off with a great gloss and slickness to top my coating. Since I just wanted to give this product a try,I ordered the 250ml bottle. The product is thick and the bottle is a thicker plastic and very hard to squeeze so I was having a problem getting the product out on my pad. Looks like I'll be wasting quite a bit because it's so hard to get it out of the bottle. Will get the bigger size next time.

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