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Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal

Best Seller Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal - 5 L
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Available Sizes

Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal
500 ml
($0.06 / ml)
Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal
1000 ml
($0.05 / ml)
Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal
250 ml
($0.06 / ml)
Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal
5 L
($0.04 / ml)

Product Information

  • Add noticeable gloss and protection to your paint!
  • Super easy to apply spray formula
  • One coat lasts up to 8 months!
  • Product Codes: C2 0.5, C2 1, C2 0.25, C2 5
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Customer Reviews

88% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 51 ratings

Product Description

Gtechniq C2 Version 3 (v3) Liquid Crystal will add gloss and protection to your paint in an easy to use spray on formula! C2 v3 is a high gloss spray-on coating that will blanket your vehicle in a highly reflective, glass-like finish. This coating is built around the same monomolecular (SI14) technology as the popular C1 Crystal Lacquer, so you know you are receiving great protection with this product! Simply spray the surface with a thin coating and buff away with a clean microfiber towel and minimal effort! You can even apply C2 v3 to all exterior surfaces (i.e. paint, glass, chrome, plastic trim, etc.) to provide excellent UV protection, water-sheeting and dirt repellency. You can apply multiple coats of C2 v3, however just one application will last up to 8 months! Grab a bottle of the C2 v3 Liquid Crystal today and apply a great deal of gloss and protection with ease!

Professional Detailer Reviews

Not only is it great on coatings, but it's also an amazing stand-alone product. If you haven't yet, grab a bottle for yourself today!

- Gtechniq C2v3: Versatility and Protection in a Bottle by Isaac Mittlesteadt


How To Apply Gtechniq C2V3 Liquid Crystal

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Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal Promotional Video

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From The Label

Product Description

C2 Liquid Crystal is the revolutionary way to make your car, yacht, aircraft or RV shine and stay clean longer, thanks to the unique 3S Smart Surface Science.

With C2 Liquid Crystal you get instant, effective protection from UV and dirt without the expense of dealer applied systems. Fast and easy to use, C2 is based on the same smart surface technology as its big brother, C1 Crystal Lacquer which is the performance coating of choice amongst industry professionals and OEMs.


  • Simple & fast application
  • 8 months durability
  • Extreme repellency
  • Spray onto surface and buff with a Gtechniq MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff cloth (or similar towel like the DI Microfiber All Purpose Towel)
  • Use as a drying aid by spraying onto a wet surface and drying with a Gtechniq MF2 Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel (or similar towel like the DI Microfiber All Purpose Towel)
  • A Single application will offer up to 8 months protection.
  • C2 can be used with any other car care products as a base or top layer.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I have used C2V3 for the past I would say 5 years or so. This is my standard product for protection that comes with my level 1 exterior service. I also use it for reloads to revamp crystal serum light. It is an excellent product and extremely user friendly. A lot of my clients are Diy'ers and can use this product with ease. I found what best works for me for application is to prime a plush micro towel and apply to a panel then flip your towel to buff off. A little of this stuff goes a long ways, 2 -3 sprays per panel is all you need typically. It offers long lasting protection compared to similar products and nice hydrophobic characteristics to all surfaces you apply it to. Definitely a win win product for user friendliness and durability.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is the easiest product to apply, I use it to top any coating. By itself works great too. I have used it with RVs and it works great, I highly recommend it
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I saw James Melfi's review of Liquid Crystal C2V3. He has never steered me wrong with his recommendations. It is a great topper, I have used it on vehicles I have coated as part of a maintenance detail, it also makes a great stand alone sealant.

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