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Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G Wash - 1000 ml

Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G Wash - 1000 ml
Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G Wash - 1000 ml Alternative View
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Available Sizes

Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G Wash
500 ml
($0.05 / ml)
Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G Wash
1000 ml
($0.04 / ml)

Product Information

  • Low foaming, high lubricity car shampoo
  • Leaves behind a durable layer of protection
  • Enhances gloss off any existing protection
  • Safe on matte and satin finishes
  • Product Codes: W3 0.5 x6, W3 1 x4
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G Wash is a concentrated all-in-one shampoo that will not only help clean your vehicle, but will leave behind a durable layer of protection as well! Ceramic G Wash is a low sudsing, high lubricating formula. This means that the G Wash will help break the bond of dirt and other contamination from the surface, while lubricating these particles at the same time. This combination helps minimize surface abrasion, allowing you to glide your wash mitt over your vehicle without the fear of implementing new imperfections during the wash process. After cleaning, you will be left with an extremely durable, dirt-repellent and hydrophobic sio2 layer. Use this product on the entire exterior of your vehicle as it is safe for use on your paint, glass, trim, and wheels. It is also safe on matte and satin finishes, making it a great all around care shampoo. If you desire to clean and protect in one formula, the Gtechniq Ceramic G Wash is a great choice!

Dilution: 20ml per 10L of water.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place and use within 12 months of opening.

Professional Detailer Reviews

All the Gtechniq products I've used have always been on point, so I had high hopes for the new W3 Ceramic Wash. A good ceramic maintenance wash is a great product to have on hand and will help prolong and enhance any existing ceramic protection you have on the paint. Additionally, you can use W3 as standalone protection by diluting it and applying it directly to the panels, making it an extremely versatile product.
Product Review: Gtechniq W3 Ceramic Wash
About a year ago I picked up my Maverick and coated it with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light. It was topped with Gtechniq C2 and while it has had a few washes since then, they have generally been maintenance washes with the standard Gtechniq GWash. With this new wash process, I wanted to knock off some light dirt and grime, but also leave behind a little protection to help refresh the layer of CSL already on the paint, so I reached for the Gtechniq Ceramic GWash.
Product Review: Gtechniq Ceramic GWash


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How to use: Ceramic GWash

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From The Label

Product Description

Ceramic GWash is a revolutionary super concentrated all-in-one shampoo that delivers exceptional cleaning power, whilst leaving behind an extremely, dirt repellent and hydrophobic coating. The advanced low-suds, high lubrication formula safely and effectively lifts and captures dirt particles from your paintwork, minimising the risk of abrasion during the washing stage. Safe for matte and satin finishes.


Directions For Use
  1. Shake well before use, wear gloves and use out of direct sunlight and on a cold surface.
  2. Add 20mL per 10L in a bucket and fill with cold water.
  3. Always begin washing the upper surfaces of your car and work downwards.
  4. After use, rinse your vehicle thoroughly with cold water to remove all surfactants.
  5. Store in a cool, dry place.

For Added Hydrophobic Performance
  1. Apply a small amount of product directly to a WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt.
  2. Apply to vehicle one panel at a time.
  3. After use, rinse your vehicle thoroughly with clean water to remove all surfactants.

Customer Reviews

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After washing with ceramic Gwash the paint went from not heading at all to being able to almost completely dry the vehicle with the blower.

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