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NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge - Medium Grade

Best Seller NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge - Medium Grade
NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge - Medium Grade Alternative View
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Available Sizes

NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge
Fine Grade
NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge
Medium Grade

Product Information

  • An extremely fast and easy way to deep clean your paint
  • Replaces the need for a clay bar while saving you time
  • If inadvertently dropped, simply rinse clean
  • Lasts 2~3 times longer than clay bars
  • Product Codes: AS-019, AS-018
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 6 ratings

Product Description

The NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge will help you safely remove embedded contamination from your paint! The secret is in the advanced rubber polymer technology, which can replace the use of clay bars. It can easily remove paint overspray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, moldings and plastic. Just spray your favorite clay lube onto the surface (i.e. NanoSkin Glide) and glide the AutoScrub Sponge across the surface. Application is that easy! Once finished, your car will feel smooth and free of contaminants so you can get better results with polishing or applying a coating, sealant, or wax. Best yet, if you drop it on the ground, no worries, just rinse the sponge pad clean and you're ready to keep using it. Unlike traditional clay, the AutoScrub Sponge can be rinsed off during the decontamination process and after the detail for storage. This sponge will last anywhere from 20-30 uses according to Nanoskin, outlasting traditional clay bars by a large measure. Remove embedded contamination safely and easily with the NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge!

Note: With all clay alternatives, breaking them in might be necessary, especially on sensitive paint types. To break in your pad, towel or mitt, spray your clay lube onto the clay media and on a portion of glass. Rub your pad, towel or mitt in a circular motion against the glass for 30-60 seconds. Wipe your clay media clean and you are set to start using it on your painted surfaces!

Professional Detailer Reviews

You open you eyes, you are in an unfamiliar dark room and see a man standing in front of you. His long black cloak and sunglasses add to your confusion. As you eyes adjust you see his arms extended, holding two small blocks, a red one in the right hand and a blue in the left.

"The choice is yours", he says "The blue sponge will be much more gentle, safer and more universal. However, it will not work to remove more embedded concomitants. The red sponge is more aggressive and will remove those with ease, but can be dangerous on soft paint and may require you to polish after. Again the choice is yours."
Product Review: NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponges

From The Label

Product Description

  • Lasts up to 2-3 times longer than clay bars
  • For a flawless show room perfect shine
  • Glides on & off easily for a slick finish
  • If inadvertently dropped on shop floor, simply rinse clean


Use only on clean, cool paint, and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT work on the surface over 144 degrees F. Please use in an inconspicuous place for the first time in case of unexpected adverse effects on paint surface.
  1. Throughly wash vehicle free of dust, sand, and dirt.
  2. Dilute GLIDE to desired strength. (16 oz makes 1 gallon RTU.)
  3. Mist sufficient GLIDE onto the surface evenly.
  4. Glide back & forth over the surface using light pressure.
  5. Wipe off residue and apply wax or glaze.

Customer Reviews

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I use the fine grade blue on exotics or delicate paints for stubborn stains etc while foam on the car. It is fast and easy. 3 times cheaper.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I ended up snagging one of these autoscrub sponges to test out for the fun of it after having great results with the autoscrub foam pad. The sponge does a great job and is easier to work in tighter areas than the larger foam pad. Just like the foam pad, the sponge will save you at tremendous amount of time in comparison to traditional claying. In addition to saving time the autoscrub sponge can be used around 20 times and costs less than traditional clay bars. It is a win win. Unless you enjoy the more involved process of claying, this is a no brainer swap. Highly recommend.
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Love this clay mitt sponge! It is so much easier to use than a regular clay bar. I use regular clay bars on stuff that just wont come out. Its rare that i have to use a regular clay bar. This does the job well and if u drop it, u can easily just wash it off and re use it!

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