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Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Product Reviews

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Professional Detailer Reviews

White Light proved to be an easy to use product that left the vehicle looking nice and glossy.
Product Review: Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish

Customer Reviews

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This is an update to my previous review.

I've added on a second layer. No noticeable difference from 1 coat in terms of bringing out the white pearl color so I'm thinking it was brought out to its best when applied the first time. It's much easier to put on the Avalon this time, and just as easy to remove with a MF towel. Looks real good.

I decided to top it all off with Menzerna Powerlock, and finish it with Dodo Juice White Diamond as the LSP mainly for extended protection.
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I'm relatively new to the detailing world. I've had to research various articles and guides on proper car care and multiple perspectives on how things should be done. So consider my review with this in mind.

Car: Blizzard Pearl White 2015 Toyota Avalon
Goal: 1) Keep white paint from yellowing; 2) Make the car really bright; 3) Ultimate goal = enhance the pearl effect as much as possible.
Ease of use: easy on and off. Well, easy off in that it wipes off easily. Not as easy to see though on white without the right angle of light.

Method: Water rinse, CG's Citrus Wash (foam gun), foam gun mitt (water bucket for mitt cleaning), rinse, Meguiar's clay kit with Nanoskin Glide lubricant, rewash, dry, CG White Light applied by hand. Claying and applying White Light were done in the garage; washes were done outside.

This was done last weekend. I wanted to add another layer but will have to wait until next week and hopefully not longer. Planning to add Powerlock layer and finish off with Dodo Juice White Diamond wax.

So onto CG White Light Hybrid. This actually lightened up my bumpers a bit, not by much. In fact, the car looks a little lighter than when I first drove it off the lot. Makes me really excited to add another layer and see where that goes. As for the slickness, it's starting to disappear after a week but the shine is still coming off pretty well. If anything, the dust is just in the way.

If there were any cons, it would be that it's somewhat difficult to see where I've applied the product. I would say to make sure you have an additional light source like a flashlight, or just have adequate lighting available.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Very nice. Used this after the VSS on my white truck. I am a newbie, but bought me a DA polisher and watched some how to video's and it is amazing how this works on my white truck.

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