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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove cigarette smoke smell from a car?

Removing the smell and residue from a smoker can be challenging but it's definitely possible. You have to plan on cleaning virtually everything.

To start, give a quick vacuum picking up the most obvious and heavy debris. Wiping down all the interior pieces with the 303 Spot Cleaner will remove smoke residue that has built up everywhere in the car no matter how hard it is to see. It's a great formula that is very gentle and easy to work with. Take your time and do every section of the dashboard, console, trim, doors, arm rest, etc. working the product and towel into every crevice, corner, etc. Now remove the mats and spray down the mats and the carpets with the 303 Spot Cleaner and agitate them with a medium to firm bristle brush. The brush is critical here because you need to get in between the fibers, so work it in multiple different directions. If you are getting a lot of debris work it in one direction to be vacuumed up.

If you have fabric seats repeat the process there working top down. If you have leather seats clean them as well, we recommend the Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean.

To thoroughly clean the glass you can use one of our glass cleaners. Use at least 2 - 4 microfiber towels for a thorough job. We generally recommend cleaning with one towel and then buffing off any residue with a separate clean towel. If they are streaking replace the towels with fresh ones for best results.

Next we recommend spraying the Chemical Guys Sofast Odor Eater on the carpets and wiping down the interior with it. It helps kill any remaining bacteria that can cause the bad smell. It has a pleasant smell that it leaves behind for a couple of days as well.

Finally, we recommend using the Einszett Klima Cleaner AC Odor Remover to remove odors trapped in the AC filter and vents. Simply spray it in the vents and the formula penetrates the entire system leaving it odor free. Many people will skip this step and the first time you turn on the AC you get that smoke smell again. It's well worth doing as it really makes a difference and it's the perfect finishing touch.

More Detailing FAQs

For more detailing assistance you can check out our Detailing Guide, Ask-a-Pro Detailer Blog, the FAQs below, or contact us.

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