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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove lovebug etchings from my paint?

Love bugs can be a real problem, within minutes they can etch in to the paint.

For most build ups we would recommend using a degreaser on the front bumper and other problems areas to help loosen up the bug splats. There are a lot of great options like the Einszett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover, Poorboy's World Bug Squash, and Chemical Guys Bug Bugger. You can just rinse it off but sometimes you'll need a wash mitt to agitate the surface.

If you want our strongest degreasing formula try the Stoner Tarminator, however we do recommend a thorough washing afterward to remove the residue left behind. It's an outstanding product for this job that is strong yet safe on the paint.

If you want to wash faster or not do a full wash we suggest using the Optimum No Rinse (ONR) which is a washing solution that doesn't involve any rinsing afterward.

Unfortunately all of these products will remove some or all of the sealant or wax you put on the surface. After you are done we recommend applying a strong coat of protection to protect against the love bugs, ideally a sealant and a wax. We generally recommend the Klasse All In One, wait an hour and then apply a wax. This strong barrier of protection can help repel the bug splats and prevent etchings in the clear coat and it make future cleanings easier.

More Detailing FAQs

For more detailing assistance you can check out our Detailing Guide, Ask-a-Pro Detailer Blog, the FAQs below, or contact us.

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