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Clean Shine Protect
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22ple Finitura

22ple Finitura - 200 ml
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Available Sizes

22ple Finitura
200 ml

Product Information

  • Incredible protection and shine!
  • Can be applied to bare paint or as a coating topper
  • Greatly improves scratch resistance!
  • Deep gloss!
  • Extremely resistant to watermarks!
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Customer Reviews

43% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 7 ratings

Product Description

22ple Finitura will allow you to quickly apply a durable layer of protection that really makes the paint pop! After 3 years of development, 22ple released Finitura, which is a unique top coating that can also be used as a stand-alone protection product. As a stand-alone product, Finitura will provide a deep, wet, glossy, sleek finish, that repels moisture with ease. If you already protected your car with a coating Finitura can be applied directly on top of it and it really enhances that protection. You will not only see the same increased gloss, hydrophobic and protective properties but according to 22ple, Finitura will improve scratch resistance on glass coatings by over 500%. If you keep getting watermarks this is an absolute must have product as it will repel them incredibly well! The application is super easy so you get great results in very little time. With an economical and easy to use formula, we can not think of a reason not to give Finitura a try!

For the best look and protection, 22ple recommends using Activate followed by a coating, topped with Finitura. You can however use the Activate and Finitura combo for great results as well.

Application Instructions:
  • If coating layer was applied beforehand, allow this layer to cure for 6 - 8 hours.
  • After coating has cured, apply Finitura nice and thin.
  • Waiting time is flexible and can be anywhere between 1 - 20 minutes
  • Product should wipe off clean and easy.
  • If you have any trouble with removal, just wipe off with a slightly damp, not soaking wet, microfiber towel.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Applied a coat in a garage, at about 55 degrees. Being such a low temperature-
I had about a 15 minute set time before removal. Vehicle is a Black Silverado. I am looking for that bulletproof combo that will help prevent water spots, and other types of etching. I have previous coats of Optimum Gloss coat' topped with EXOv3. Finitura increased the gloss level considerably. Application and removal are very similar to a sealant.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Too bad I cannot attach photos of my client's Corsa Red Ferrari 458 Spyder, recently purchased R8 V10 PLUS...BOTH the smoothness and galactic reflections are truly in another galaxy!

PS: It takes a bit more effort to remove than Reload, but I've found that it's about the quality of the microFiber towel that's used which I've mastered!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Well, as typical with 22ple, bizarrely easy application, slick as snot and pretty glossy considering the uncorrected paint it was used on.

Just a quick impression, the product just arrived at work in the mail.

Took one of the vans sitting in the warehouse, PB Spray & Wiped hood, PB Spray & Wipe w/ Nanoskin Fine clay mitt, panel prep with Gtechniq panel wipe.

Van is a 2006 E250 w/ 161K miles on it. Last January I had compounded/polished the hood and waxed with Collinite 915. About 20k hard miles this pool season since it was compounded and waxed.

Couldn`t do any real work on hood as half the power to our building is down after the storm so no power for compounding/polishing but gave Finitura a try anyway.

Temperature is about 60 degrees, used Gyeon applicator block with microsuede applicator cloth.

A typical line or 2 down the applicator covered about 25% of the hood, up and down, then back and forth. Finitura hazed almost immediately and is a very, very thin product in terms of consistency. Very easy to tell where it`s been applied although I likely over applied as that is generally `what I do` despite my best efforts to do otherwise. Towards end of each section, when more product likely needed to be applied to applicator the applied sections got somewhat sticky when going back over them. Once the whole panel was done, though, it was strangely easy to go back over the whole hood one more time with up/down, side to side motions to even it all out. A little does indeed go a long way and I suspect the bottle will last quite a long time.

Buffed off using short pile towel like the DI Polish Removal Edgeless Towel, followed by a final buff with 420 gsm towel. Buffed the first 1/3 of the hood at 7 minutes, the second 1/3 at 15 minutes and the final 1/3 right at 20 minutes. All came off easily with no streaks, leaving a slick and glossy finish, especially considering the underlying surfaces lack of compound/polish. It was a little stickier at the 20 minute mark, and likely 10-15 minutes woulda been the sweet spot at 60 degrees and the 73% humidity the Weather Channel says it is right now. In any event, a very forgiving product at this temperature and humidity. Initial impressions are that it`s pretty neat stuff, albeit somewhat pricey, but easy to use, nice results. Will have to watch longevity and in a few weeks, I`ll run a soft cotton towel across a section of the hood to see if it marks it, if that doesn`t affect it I`ll try a little less soft towel and see what happens. They claim 500% increase in scratch resistance so we`ll see.

It has to be one of the slickest finishes I've ever run across, be it wax, sealant, coating or SiO2/Fluorine based coating booster. The application characteristics are pretty much sealant-like, it's that easy to use. I'm not even sure whether to top it with 22ple VS1 Final Coat for fear of losing some gloss/slickness.

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