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IGL Coatings Ecoclean Clay

IGL Coatings Ecoclean Clay
IGL Coatings Ecoclean Clay Alternative View IGL Coatings Ecoclean Clay Alternative View #2
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Product Information

  • Safe and easy way to remove pesky embedded contamination
  • You can get over 50 uses from one towel
  • Use ample lube to avoid marring
  • Read full description

Product Description

The IGL Ecoclean Clay is a high-quality microfiber towel combined with a polymerized rubber pad to help you remove embedded contamination with ease! Pair it with a clay lube or quick detailer spraying a fine mist on the paint and wipe with the Clay towel back and forth with light pressure. This towel can be used to remove dirt, grime, paint overspray, and brake dust embedded into the surface of your paint, glass, vinyl, and plastics. To apply, simply your favorite lube onto the contaminated area and glide the towel across the surface. With light pressure, slide the towel back and forth so it can separate and remove contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle! Once you are finished, your car will feel smooth and it will be free of contaminants for better wax, sealant or coating applications. It is safe to use on any vehicle and faster than a traditional clay bar and can be rinsed off and reused if dropped. A clay bar cannot lay claim to that! Best of all this towel is so durable it can last you 50 or more uses, which far surpasses multiple clay bars. If you are looking to get rid of that annoying clay bar and find a simple, safe, and easy way to remove contaminants from your car, pick up the IGL Ecoclean Clay today!

Professional Detailer Reviews

There are a few types of these rubber polymer alternatives to a regular clay bar. They all work well at removing the contamination, it just depends on your preference.

- Product Review: IGL Coatings Ecoclean Clay by Ian Martinez

From The Label

Product Description

Ecoclean Clay is designed to give your paint a smooth-as-glass feel without the difficulty of using a clay bar. It cleanses and decontaminates the surface in one step. Used properly, Ecoclean Clay easily pulls off over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout, and contamination that are embedded onto the surface.

Features and Benefits
  • cleanses and decontaminates the surface in one step
  • does the job quickly and efficiently
  • rinse and reuse multiple times (up to 50 times)

Areas of Application
  • car exterior, windows, headlights, wheels


How to Use:
  • Spray some diluted Ecoclean Wash onto the Ecoclean Clay
  • Glide gently on the surface
  • Do not use on a surface over 60 degrees C

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