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22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Coating

22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Coating - 20 ml
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Available Sizes

22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Coating
20 ml
($2.85 / ml)
22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Coating
50 ml
($2.40 / ml)

Product Information

  • Semi-Permanent protective coating with an amazing level of gloss
  • Will withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees!
  • Up to 24 months of protection!
  • Will protect against harmful road grime and brake dust build up
  • High silica-content glass barrier provides a "second clear coat" to help protect against contamination
  • We recommend using the 22ple Glass Coat Applicator (Double Sided) for the best application results
  • Product Codes: VM1-20, VM1-50
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Customer Reviews

78% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 9 ratings

Product Description

22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Coating is a special protective coating that will protect your wheels, exhaust tips, metal trim and more! This product is truly a unique form of protection that is unlike traditional wheel protection because it can last two years instead of days or months. VM1 will leave behind a hardened high silica-content glass barrier that will protect your metal trim, wheels (painted, cleared, or un-coated), exhaust tips, and painted brake calipers from road grime, brake dust, pollutants, moisture and other everyday environmental elements. While traditional wheel sealants will provide a few months of protection you can expect 18-24 months out of VM1! This formula was designed specifically for your wheels and it will withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees! So when brake dust hits your wheels at several hundred degrees it doesn't just etch right through the protection. It repels contaminants and prevents them from hitting your wheel. You will also be amazed at how slick the surface looks and feels after an application. Water and contamination will roll off your rims making maintenance washes easier then they have ever been before. This ultimately saves you time and keeps your wheels looking great year round. So how does the VM1 look on my wheels? The wheels will have that incredible shine afterward that really make your vehicle stand out. Best of all that great shine is going to last with low maintenance and durable protection. So if you are looking for a semi-permanent wheel protectant that makes your wheels look stunning the 22ple VM1 is for you!

Please Note: 22ple Glass Coat Applicator (Double Sided) sold separately.

Sizing Recommendations:
  • 20ml - Best size for single vehicle applications.
  • 50ml - Best if you are looking to perform multiple applications or want to apply on multiple vehicles.
22ple Application Instructions:
  1. Ensure the surface is cleaned & polished.
  2. Remove all oil/polishes on the surface by doing an IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) wipe down. Use a mixture of 50% Isopropyl Alcohol with 50% distilled water.
  3. Please make sure the surfaces are cool and TOTALLY dry before applying the glass coat.
  4. Pour a small amount of glass coat liquid onto the 22ple Glass Coat Applicator (Double Sided) and apply in a straight line motion. Do not over-apply as it does not give you additional benefit, but it might make it difficult to remove.
  5. Make sure ALL surfaces are covered. You should then buff off the coating with a clean, lint-free microfiber towel within 3-5 minutes in normal room temperature. Should you encounter any dried coating, simply reapply another layer over it and buff. If an area becomes dry / tacky, then it's a sign that you allowed it to sit on the surface too long. We like to use 2 towels for removal. The first for main product removal, and then immediately go over it again with the second towel to ensure that you have completely removed all residue. As a good rule of thumb, apply 22ple to just 1-2 wheels at a time, and then proceed with residue removal. If you extend any more than this, the coating will dry too much and can become tacky.
  6. Cure time - Do not wash your wheels or expose them to open weather element,rain, snow etc for around 8-12 hours.
  7. After this initial curing time, the wheel can be washed or the car can be driven per normal.
  8. The full curing time is about 5 days, at which time the full layer of the coat will be hardened and the surface will look its best.
  9. Do not reuse any applicator pads used to apply this coating. 22ple will dry and harden these applicator pads and if used again they could potentially mar the surface.

From The Label


Application Instructions
Apply over a dry, cool and clean surface, buff-off after 3-5 mins.
Repeat after 6 hours if necessary.
Tack time: 3 hours. Full curing: 5 days.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
First off, it really works! My only concern is I'm unsure if I applied it correctly, I applied it to some new rims I got and I've washed them 3 times, all the brake dust has never come off so easily, they still look brand new and not a single scratch on them. I was iffy about the coating at first but absolutely love it. It really works!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I bought this because I have a BMW with those breaks that give off a horrendous amount of dust. My wheels would always get so dirty during the week and would take a bit of effort to clean. I prepared the wheel and applied the coating per the instructions and let it dry. So little was used that I think I could do another four cars with what is left. After finishing the wheels I drove the car all week and I think that the wheels were as dirty as they always have been, maybe a little less. The big change is that when I shot the wheels with water, from a regular garden hose, practically all off the break dust washed off of the wheel! I ended up touching up just a few spots on the rim, but I didn't have to use any pre-cleaners, brushes, etc. to clean the wheel. This is a great product and I highly recommend.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I just finished applying this to my G37 and must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use. Easy on and easy off. Although I purchased the 50 ml bottle I (and have only applied to 4 wheels) I suspect I will get another 2-3 uses from this bottle if not more. The wheels on the G37 are tedious to say the least (15 spokes on each wheel) but the entire application was done in about 1 hour. Prep time actually tool longer (clean, dry, wipe down with alcohol). initial gloss is fantastic. Can not attest to longevity of application and this is by far the most important reason I purchased this product. I am hoping for 2 years of protection but will be happy with one year.

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